Song is vital in the world of Dance and Musical Theatre. We offer both group and individual singing class in which new repertoire is introduced along with working on the voice itself.




Some of our students in Group Singing Class. Photo by Gemma Summerscales-Heard

Group Singing

This teaches the students to work as part of a team, developing their abilities into harmonies. Group singing builds confidence in singing on their own. A weekly class works towards a range of songs that are learnt in 3 or 4 parts.  Students will begin to learn where their voice feels more comfortable, singing high or lower.

Our group singing classes begin from age 11 due to the nature of the class.

Solo Singing

For those who are more confident or who want to develop their voice.  Working on a portfolio strengthening and a more detailed approach to their vocal technique.

Solo singing is available for all ages.



Senior Pupil Photo by Scott Eales

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